Nature discovery

Discover whales, dolphins (january - may)

From december to may, whales from north atlantic (Island, Norway) are visiting the area to meet males and give birth. The triangle between St Barth, Anguilla and St Martin is a perfect protected area (shollow passage) for them, and you could have the chance to meet them if the water are calm.  

Photo gallery Whales / Photo gallery Dolphins

 Private eco tour 1 day

Discover the nature, aboard a 38 ft catamaran (up to 12 persons). You may see whales and dolphins in winter, sea turtles, rays, sea birds (pelicans ...). We might sail 6 hours a day, so make sure you are not sea sick (we can also stay in protected areas, but less chances to see whales). Included: skipper, drinks, snorkeling equipment, hydrophone, informations about sea mammals ( AGOA certified)

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 4 hours Private eco tour 

You will discover the Marine park, may see dolphins in winter, sea turtles, sea birds. A 4 hours eco tour, including skipper, drinks, snorkeling equipment, hydrophone, informations about sea mammals ( AGOA certified)

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 Whales watching ticket, one day (reservations only if the trip is confirmed, please, check with us to know the dates and weazther permitting dates) 

( AGOA certified)

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If the wind is no more tham 10 knots, we can find them easily, so you could join a trip to meet them. If the conditions are windier, we can't garantee them, but you may have the chance to meet dolphins  or sea turtles. Pelican, rays are also numerous in the area.






Whales song in St MArtin


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Discover Green Caye island: - Sea kayaking - Paddle board or Giant paddle - Hobie cat - snorkelling (..)
Check photos: Crocus bay - Anguilla
Crocus bay - Anguilla (..)
SPECIAL: kitesurf+wingfoil weekly rental

Combo weekly rental: kitesurf and wingfoil gear unlimitted (Cabrinha Gear) Price 495 € Book now!

Wingfoil behind a plane!

Theo wingfoiling in Juliana airport with a place reactor!







Fly Above the water in 1 hour

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Cabrinha Kiteshop

STORE - NEW and USED gear - Duty free

  • Cabrinha Kites  
  • Cabrinha Wingfoil gear
  • shirts, rashguards, hats..
  • E foils

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Kitesurfing Cruise

Ride on the most beautiful spots around St Martin, St Barth' and Anguilla. 

Short distance sailing and protected moorings (perfect for families or non kiters), and world-class riding spots.

So don't miss the chance to try a mini cruise (2 or 3 days), or a complete week.

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Day Trip to Anguilla

Kite trip to Anguilla everyweek (according to wind conditions) aboard a lagoon 38 ft (non kiters welcome) or motorboat.

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