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Moto XL 15 sqm 2024
1 840,00€ 2 100,00$ Book now Questions?
Moto XL 13 sqm 2024
1 735,00€ 1 900,00$ Book now Questions?
Switchblade 14 sqm 2024
1 695,00€ 1 830,00$ Book now Questions?
Switchblade 12 sqm 2024
1 590,00€ 1 740,00$ Book now Questions?
Switchblade 10 sqm 2024
1 500,00€ 1 650,00$ Book now Questions?
Mantis 5 sqm 2024
920,00€ 1 020,00$ Book now Questions?
Mantis 6 sqm 2024
950,00€ 1 050,00$ Book now Questions?
Takuma TK 125
550,00€ 610,00$ Book now Questions?
Ace 138 wood
350,00€ 400,00$ Book now Questions?
Check videos: All you can do in Orient bay
Unlimitted access to all activities: kitesurf, windsurf, hobie cat, stand up paddle, surfing, kayak, (..)
Check photos: Kitefoiling Saint Martin
Kitefoiling in Orient bay (..)
Check photos: Kayak
Sea kayak rental and tours ( Pinel island, Green cay island and Tintamare island. (..)
SPECIAL: kitesurf+wingfoil weekly rental

Combo weekly rental: kitesurf and wingfoil gear unlimitted (Cabrinha Gear) Price 495 € Book now!

Wingfoil behind a plane!

Theo wingfoiling in Juliana airport with a place reactor!







Fly Above the water in 1 hour

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Cabrinha Kiteshop

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  • shirts, rashguards, hats..
  • E foils

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Kitesurfing Cruise

Ride on the most beautiful spots around St Martin, St Barth' and Anguilla. 

Short distance sailing and protected moorings (perfect for families or non kiters), and world-class riding spots.

So don't miss the chance to try a mini cruise (2 or 3 days), or a complete week.

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Day Trip to Anguilla

Kite trip to Anguilla everyweek (according to wind conditions) aboard a lagoon 38 ft (non kiters welcome) or motorboat.

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