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Before you go in the water, you must be able to control your kite. A one hour onland lesson is necessary. If you take a 2 hours lesson, we will do one hour on land and one hour in the water with the board.

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Book 2 hours (1 hour on land and 1 hour in the water) - Private lesson

Book a Bring a friend session (2 hours with a friend, only one kite, perfect to make sur you have the basics). 



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Wind adventures is the first kiteschool in St Martin (since 1998) and offers the best kiting lessons at the best value for the island (150 € for 2 hours private lesson)

Lessons daily from am 9 to pm 5 - All levels from beginner to advanced.

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NEW: The Bring a friend lesson (shared lesson with a friend, 1 kite for 2)

# 1 Kiteschool since 1997-


  • All our lessons are custom tailored to your needs, focused on the material you need to learn to progress at your fastest. Our one-to-one instructor ratio ensures that you will learn the fastest in the least amount of time and at your own pace.
  • Wind adventures offers the best alternative for learning kiteboarding in Orient bay

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Benefits of private lessons

If you really want to enjoy your lesson and get into kiteboarding, private lessons is a must.


  • premium service with the instructor close to you at any time
  • improve your skills without spending time with another student 
  • personnalized coaching
  • more fun with the instructor!

Our beginner's students become independent after 4 or 5 sessions, compared to group or semi private lessons will require more lessons.

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If you are almost independent, you may take few lessons and rent the gear on your own:

Semi private lessons

We offer semi private lessons if you had a first experienced (on land kite control or body drag) Price 130 € for 2 heurs

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Beginner's best experience in St Martin

First timer's, you will learn in shallow water for the first lesson: a large sand bar perfect for the first lesson. You will then be able to try with the board in shallow water.

First lesson on the water (2 hours):


Second lesson on the water (2 hours):


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Pack Lessons + gear: 2 free sessions

Get 2 x 2 hours lessons class (kite + board)  free for any purchase of a Cabrinha New Pack 2019

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Foil lessons

Learn how to foil (only to independent kiters). After a 1 hour lesson, you will have the chance to start to fly on the foil. We use intermediate foils (CAbrinha Double Agent)


How to enjoy Kitefoiling- Theo Demanez from Theo Demanez on Vimeo.

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Book a 2 hours foil lesson

Learn wave-riding, jumping, freestyle

Learn advanced skills with our instructor.

Wave-riding: we will take you on the best wave-riding spot (next to the center)

Even when the waves are not perfect, Kitesurfing makes it so much fun


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Mini cruise 3,5 days

Add a catamaran mini-cruise to your accomodation. Up to 8 persons (4 double beds), discover, St Barth, Anguilla and ST Martin

  • Price 3,5 days : 2879 € (2 or 8 persons). More information
  • Price 2,5 days: 2117 €


Fly Above the water in 1 hour

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Cabrinha Kiteshop

STORE - NEW and USED gear - Duty free

  • Cabrinha Kites and boards
  • Takuma foil and E foil

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Kitesurfing Cruise

Ride on the most beautiful spots around St Martin, St Barth' and Anguilla. 

Short distance sailing and protected moorings (perfect for families or non kiters), and world-class riding spots.

So don't miss the chance to try a mini cruise (2 or 3 days), or a complete week.

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Day Trip to Anguilla

Kite trip to Anguilla everyweek (according to wind conditions) aboard a lagoon 38 ft (non kiters welcome) or motorboat.

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