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  • Why take a private lesson? It is important to learn the right skills from your first lesson. You will learn faster and become independent after few lessons. The instructor is following you with the motorboat and will give you the right tip right away. You will also avoid disconfortable situations and enjoy a lot more kiteboarding. We are 100% with you. Beside, because you will become quicker independent, you will spend less time learning, and less money!
  • Why come in our school in Orient beach? Wind adventures offers premium service, one to one lessons, using radio coaching systems.We are located on the best kite spot in Orient beach, on the windward side, where the wind is the most consistant (kiteboarding requires laminar winds, should not be disturdeb by the mountains, it makes a lot difference when learning). The water is crystal-blue, and you will love the temperature!
  • We have a shallow lagoon for the first lesson (kite control) and a protected bay to learn in deep water. We never go outside of the bay where the swell is bigger. We are in a Marine Park, and you might sea sea turtles or dolphins in wintertime!
  • What to bring with you? We will provide you with everything: lifejackets, helmet, harness. Just bring sunglases for the afternoom session, water, suncream, and your smile! We do sell rashguard if you need (30 euros). You can take a go pro, the instructor will be happy to take videos or photos.
  • What about safety? We have the lattest Cabrinha kites, the widest windrange of the market. The quick release are in perfect working conditions. We will take the right kite size (we do have more than 30 different kites) according to your level and wind conditions. The instructors have radio to talk with the school , and also with you (radio helmet), so you will be completely safe. All our boats are semi-inflatable. We do have all the safety equipment: helmet, lifkacket, reel leash.
  • Which lesson option should you book? First timer: If you want a discovery class, we will take you on the shallow water spot to learn the first skills (safety, water relaunching, kite control). You may have the time to try with the board at the end of the lesson. On land semi-private lesson: we can also offer on land lesson for 2 people Intermediate / advanced riders: as all our deep water lessons are private, we will start from your level, and will improve your skills to the next step. We also offer waver riding, foilboarding and cata kite.
  • When could I go on my own? Generally, atfet 10 hours private lessons (5 x 2 hours), you will ride crosswind. Our instructor will let you rent if you start to go upwind. We also offer taxi-boat to take you upwind, you will just need to ride downwind!


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Centre Carinha

Cabrinha Test Center - LA seule école de kite d'Orient bay

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Croisière kitesurf

Croisiéres kitesurf autour de ST MArtin (7 jours)

A partir de 562 euros la semaine par personne

  • 9 au 16 decembre 2017 - special Kitefoil (avec Theo Demanez)
  • 6 au 13 janvier  2018
  • 20 au 27 janvier 2018 
  • 3 au 10 janvier 2018
  • 17 au 24 febrier 2018
  • 14 au 21 mars 2018
  • 28 avril  au 5 mai 2018
  • 12 au 19 mai  2018
  • 13 au 18 juin 2018

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Kite trip à Anguilla

Kite trip à Anguilla toutes les semaines selon conditions météo à bord d'un Catamaran lagoon 38 ou bateau moteur.

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