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Help us rebuilt the center ! This donation will be dedicated to rebuilt the center, credit car number (name of Wind adventures, no commission to a third part)

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Cécile - Manu


Help us to rebuilt St Martin and Wind adventures!

Théo Demanez, Cabrinha International Pro Rider, "Help us rebuilt St Martin and Wind adventures"

Since 1992, we experienced countless hurricanes to the island, and St. Martin is always mobilized to get back up quickly after falling down. This time, Irma, like an atomic bomb, destroyed everything in its way. Nothing resists winds of more than 200 knots over the course of a few hours; Irma swept 20 years of our hearts away.

At this time, we need all your help so we can welcome you again to this paradise, because alone, we will not succeed. We have lost the watersports center, the equipment (Hobie cats, sups, kayaks, windsurfing equipment, kitesurfing equipment, and sailboats), but our will to rebuild is fully intact. 

The kids at the club hope to be able to get back on the water soon and to erase from their memory this terrible catastrophe that has so badly devastated the island and its people. A wonderful moment of solidarity has been created here, and a dynamic is in progress. Thank you for contributing to rebuild this paradise and we hope you will visit us soon.

The center -  Orient bay



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Orient bay is a wide bay (2,5 km long) , the largest bay for kiting and for your safety. Our students enjoy the personnalized service, boat assistance and our special technic to br(..)
Cabrinha center

The only kite center on Orient beach

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Kitesurfing Cruise

KITE CRUISE 2 days to 7 days

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  • 7 days kite cruise:
  • Dec 9 - 16 th december 2017 - special Kitefoil (with Theo Demanez)
  • january 6 th - 13 th january 2018
  • january 20 st to 27 th 2018 
  • february 3 rd -10 th 2018
  • febriary 17 th - 24 th 2018
  • march 14 th to 21 th 2018
  • april 28 sth  to may 5 th 2018
  • may 12 - 19 th 2018
  • June 13 th - 18 th 2018
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Day Trip to Anguilla

Kite trip to Anguilla everyweek (according to wind conditions) aboard a lagoon 38 ft (non kiters welcome) or motorboat.

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