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Orient bay and surroundings has a lot to offer on the nature side. Tintamare island, Pinel Island, Green cay island and Creole Rock are part of the Marine park, they will unveil you their secrets: sea turtles, dolphins and whales in winter, iguanas, marine birds and coral fishes.


Snorkeling in Tintamare                                  Marine park


Swim with dolphins                                          Snorkeling  


Restaurant in Pinel                                         Relax in Pinel island     

Wind adventures offer differents trips to discover these islands. You can book a full day or just a 1 hour tour un the park. All our trips are private , our friendly guides will offer you the best program according to your wishes.

Hobie cat trips

Sail with one of our instructor to Tintamare and Pinel island (2 people) and discover the Marine Park. Swim with sea turtles, snorkel on the reef, relax on the beach, explore the island.  Two persons can come aboard the Hobie cat (+ the instructor). We can also take several Hobie cat if you are a group. We offer 2 hous, 3 hours or full day trip. No previous experience needed. Also, go to Pinel island for the day (60 € for 2 persons).

Included: Hobie cat, skipper, snorkeling equipment.

  • 2 hours trip: sail to Tintamare, Pinel island. Snorkeling with sea turtles. Book now.
  • 3 hours trip: Sail to Tintamare and Pinel island Snorkeling with Sea turtle. Book now
  • 1 day trip : Sail to Tintamare, discover Tintamare island's secrets: Caves, clay cliffs, reef fishes, snorkel with sea turtles (and dolphins in winter). Book now.

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First 21 '7 trips

Sail to Tintamare , Pinel Island with our instructor aboard a Beneteau First 21'7 ft sloop (up to 5 people). You will stop on Tintamare island and discover the Marine Park.  Trips from 2 hours, 3 hours or full day. A full day will give you the chabnce to go to Creole Rock 

Included: First 21, skipper, snorkelling equipment and water     

  • 2 hours trip: sail to Tintamare island. Snorkel in Pinel island                                    Book now
  • 3 hours trip: Sail to Tintamare, Pinel island.Snorkel in Tintamare and Pinel island   Book now  
  • 1 day trip: Sail to Tintamare island, Pinel island and Creole rock                              Book now          

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Cap Camarat Trips

Take a trip aboard a motorboat Cap Camarat 6;5 m for up to 6 people. Our guide will take your to the Marine park, you may meet the sea turtles, discover the marine life (snorkeling) , sea birds, iguanas. You can book a 2 hours, 3 hours or full day trip

Included: Cap camarat, skipper, snorkelling equipment, water

  • 2 hours trip: Discover Tintamre island, Pinel island. Snorkeling on the reef.  Book now
  • 3 hours trip: Discover Tintamare island, Pinel island, green cay island.         Book now
  • 4 hours trip: Discover Tintamare island, Pinel island and Creole rock            Book now
  • 1 day tours:                                                                                                     Book now

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Discover Creol rock, Tintamare, Pinel island

Catamaran Lagoon 38 ft trips

Sail aboard a 38 ft Catamaran (up to 13 people) to discover the Marine Park.  3 hours, 4 hours or full day trip

Included : lagoon, snorkeling equipment, 2 stand up paddle and drinks

  • 3 hours trip: sail to Tintamare island, Pinel island     Book now
  • 4 hours trip: sail to Tintamare island, Pinel island and Creole rock Book now
  • 1 day trip: Sail to Tintamare island, Pinel island , Creole rock and more... Book now
  • 1 day to Scrub Island and Pinel isalnd: Sail to Scrub island and Tintamare island on your way back. Price doen't includes Anguilla taxes. 

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Stand up paddle trips

Discover Stand up paddle among the beautiful Marine park. Discover Pinel Island, Tintamare island, and Creole rock

  • 1 hour tour or 1 day tour to Pinel island: S.U.P to Pinel island with our instructor, discover the island. You may also stay in Pinel for the day, we will come and pick you up later during the day. Price: 50 €/ person  Book now...
  • 3 hours trip to Tintamare island: Go to Tintamare aboard a motorboat. You will use the stand up paddle in the crystal clear waters. Price: 65 €/person Book now

Giant Paddle trips

Enjoy a fun experience on a Giant paddle. Up to 6 persons on this paddle to discover Tintamare island, Pinel island (trip aboard a motorboat).

  • 3 hours tour to Tintamare island: book now
  • 1 day trip to Tintamare island, Pinel island, Creole rock.Book now


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Kitesurfing Cruise

Experience a kite cruise around ST Martin. From 2 days to a complete week, our skipper/instructor will make you discover the best of ST Martin, Anguilla and St BArth

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  •  january 7th - 14 th 2017
  • january 14 th to 21st 2017 (+ SUP)
  • january 21 st to 28 th 2017 (+ windsurf)
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Giant paddle

Get it together ! Giant stand up paddle tours and rental.  

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Day Trip to Anguilla

Kite trip to Anguilla everyweek (according to wind conditions) aboard a lagoon 38 ft (non kiters welcome) or motorboat.

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